About me :

I received my M.S. in Water engineering with focus on  water  resource management from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran. I started working for a hydrology and remote sensing consultancy with the main interest of groundwater drought index and advising on better strategies. As my Master’s thesis, I started gathering the long-term climate data (1994-2011) are used for assessment. In designing of integrated index, I have used combination of static and dynamic layers. Static layers including soil in three categories (surface, saturated and unsaturated), hydraulic conductivity and land use. Dynamic layers including infiltration of precipitation, groundwater levels, thickness of saturated layer, released water from upstream dam, and electrical conductivity of ground water. All static and dynamic layers representing spatial maps of different factors were prepared and compiled using Geographic Information System (Arc-GIS software). Integrated index was verified by observed groundwater droughts in the Zayandehrood basin. The Zayandehrood river basin is in the central Iran plateau as a study area. More information about my M.Sc. thesis project can be found below

Title of MSc. Thesis: Assessment and Development of Integrated Groundwater Drought Index (IGDI), A Case Study: Zayandehroud River Basin


Supervisor: Prof. Hamidreza Safavi  hasafavi.iut.ac.ir/

                       Prof. Keyvan Asghari     asghari.iut.ac.ir/

Educations :


MSc          M.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering 2013

                 Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran

BSc           B.Sc. in Civil Engineering 2009

                 Islamic Azad University-NajafAbad Branch (IAUN), Isfahan, Iran

Diploma   Mathematics and Physics Discipline

Research Interests :

  • Water Resource Management
  • Conjunctive Use of Surface water and Groundwater
  • Groundwater Resources Evaluation
  • Groundwater Modeling and Management
  • Hydrogeological Modeling
  • Climate Changes Impacts